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Thursday, September 15, 2005

OUTRAGEOUS - Federal Judge Says The Pledge is Unconstitutional


“Outrageous!” That’s how one concerned official described it to me and I agree.

I don’t expect it to last for long but at least for now the pledge of allegiance has, once again, been disallowed by an activist federal judge in California. It’s worth noting here that once again the judge was appointed by a previous Democrat President who ONCE AGAIN was supported by LOCAL DEMOCRATS.

Thank goodness John Roberts will soon be confirmed as Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court and Bush will then put another solid conservative on the Court to replace Justice O'Connor. We can be assured that with appointees like this, the damage done by Democrat appointees will, little by little, begin to be lessened.

As said before, I don’t expect the situation to last so let’s all get busy and work for a solution. Congress has the power to restrict which cases these judges may and may not hear. Please call our REPUBLICAN Congressmen’s offices and respectfully demand that they fix this Democrat induced mess by removing it from the purvue of federal justices.
Congressman Tom DeLay (281)343-1333
Congressman Ron Paul 1-800-RON-PAUL

We just have to keep working. Liberals just don’t ever seem to give up. They are like some creature out of a sci-fi movie that just can’t be destroyed. Every indication is that with reason and logic they are defeated and then without warning the emotional forces of liberalism spring up again from no where. Stay vigilant friends.

Chris Stevens
Republican Chairman of Galveston County

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

The Next Supreme Court Chief Justice

The Confirmation hearings for Judge John Roberts for Supreme Court Chief Justice began today, FINALLY! After months of stalling and obstruction by Senate Democrats, America finally is getting what they want, hearings (and eventually confirmation) of the nominee of the President elected by the people of the America.

The tyranny of the minority, Harry Reid, John Kerry, Ted Kennedy et al, is over in this one small battle. Unfortunately, many more of President Bush’s nominees are languishing as Democrats refuse to let America hear from them.

One thing is important to remember here, when you vote for your local candidates, whether it’s Justice of the Peace, County Commissioner or County Judge. That one thing is, that EVERY SINGLE local Democrat has had the chance to run on the Republican ticket and apparently prefers instead to stay on the liberal bandwagon. If you are voting for local Democrats, no matter how good a friend you are with them, YOU ARE VOTING FOR HILLARY CLINTON, NANCY PELOSI, BARNY FRANKS and the like. This is who they share the ticket with by choice and this is who they are supporting.

Now is the time for you, me and everyone of us to ask ourselves how far we are willing to go to support an old friend. Would you turn your back on President Bush, Senator Hutchison and Cornyn, or State Rep Larry Taylor?

Thursday, August 18, 2005

The KKK, Don't These Losers Ever Get It?

I read the August 17th, Galveston County Daily News article about three from Galveston County who stood up for all of Texas against the rabble rousing under achievers who make up the Knights of the White Camellia, the KKK. I think it’s fantastic. Congratulations to them!

I continue to be both proud and humbled to be the Republican Chairman of Galveston County. The Republican Party recognizes Black Americans or any other qualified American as Presidential Cabinet members and Supreme Court Judges, not as targets for hate and intimidation.

I have been and, without a doubt, I always will be on the opposite side of many other issues from Rona Smith, one of the three. The Communist/Socialist promotional efforts she and her husband, COM Professor Michael Smith, are regularly involved in are very hurtful to many patriotic Americans, especially our veterans and veterans’ families.

However, I am so glad that she IS here in the GREAT Capitalist Republican USA. I am glad that our Capitalist/Democratic country DOES offer her the chance to fight this current fight, one that I do support. Surely she wouldn’t have this chance in any of the socialist bastions upon which she and her husband would like to see the US remodeled.

If the details of this lawsuit are as they appear, then I hardily applaud this trio for standing up to these jerks. The KKK is an embarrassing relic of the past that needs to be dismissed and forgotten sooner rather than later.

I hope the outcome of the lawsuit causes ANY official to think twice before allowing access to be limited to a public facility based on race alone. KKK members reigned terror on many parts of the South for decades prior to being busted up. They have never been a part of what is good and right about Southern Culture, rather always a pack of ne’r do wells and ruffians. Ironically, they hide their own fears and failures under sheets while seeking to promote fear in others.

The Tomball City Manager’s statement misses the point, “If people had a wedding reception or birthday party and they had rented the center, they would be entitled to invite whomever they wanted and keep out whomever they wanted.”

Yes, you can invite and exclude whomever you choose to a private event if you are inviting people individually by name. However, it’s just plain unconstitutional to hold an event that is “Open to the Public” in a publicly subsidized building and then exclude certain members of the public based solely on race. Good Grief! I thought we outlawed whites-only bathrooms in the 50’s and 60’s!

I look forward to seeing this lawsuit work through the justice system. At the very least, I think it’s good to see one more embarrassment heaped on the hooded head of this pathetic dragon, the KKK.

Chris Stevens
Republican Chairman of Galveston County

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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Let's Fight For Tax Cuts

I am going to share a little space on my blog today with a source I admire tremendously, Governor Rick Perry.

Please read the Governor’s remarks and then contact each of our State Representatives and State Senators from Galveston County as well as the leaders of the House and Senate. Let each office know how important REAL property tax cuts along with REAL appraisal caps are. Let them know that trying is not enough. Succeeding is imperative.

As always be POLITE but FIRM:

State Representative Larry Taylor (R)
Capitol Office (512) 463-0729
District Office (281) 338-0924

State Representative Craig Eiland (D)
Capitol Office (512) 463-0502
District Office (409) 763-3260

State Senator Kyle Janek (R)
Capitol Office (800) 445-2635
District Office (979) 297-5261 / (713) 272-8929

State Senator Mike Jackson (R)
Capitol Office (512) 463-0111
District Office (281) 334-0011

Also contact the leaders of the Texas House and Senate:

Speaker of the House Tom Cradick (R)
Capitol Office (512) 463-1000

Lt. Governor David Dewhurst (R) (Leads and Directs the Texas Senate)
Capitol Office (512) 463-0001

And here are Governor Perry’s “hit the nail on the head” remarks:

"Today I share the disappointment and frustration of millions of Texans that the House has voted against providing a property tax cut for homeowners, more money for the classroom, and additional funding for teacher salaries and textbooks.

"Legislators now have a decision to make. There are 24 days left in this special session. Either they can give up on pay raises for teachers, funding for textbooks, and a property tax cut, or they can join me over the next few weeks in fighting for what the people want.

"The people demand property tax relief, more education for their money, and continued classroom reforms.

"The special interests want to protect the education status quo, their tax loopholes, and their market share of tobacco addicts. Why should the special interests win at the expense of schoolchildren, parents and taxpayers?

"Last Thursday the leadership of both houses said they were close to an agreement on a property tax cut in a joint news conference. In fact, the measure the House voted on today was quite similar to the property tax cuts both chambers passed just a couple weeks ago.

"I still believe where there is a will there is a way.

"And the fact of the matter is I called them into special session because their work was unfinished and nothing has changed.

"Legislators cannot pass this great challenge to another day or another venue.

"I know they are frustrated and tired. So are taxpayers...so are teachers hoping for a pay raise...and so are families looking for better schools. I ask them to come back tomorrow, set aside rancor and partisanship, and get back to work."

We must have REAL tax relief. Our leaders must work the CONSERVATIVE agenda for which they were elected. Together, you and I, we will hold them accountable and give them the pressure cover they need to do bring sanity back to our government.

Thank You Friends,
Chris Stevens
Republican Chairman of Galveston County

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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Please Help The Republican Party

Hello Readers,

I need your help on a few things right away:

First AND most important: The Party Newspaper will print soon and I need to know how many of you will volunteer to deliver them to doors in the last weekend of August and the first weekend in September. No polling or personal contact is involved; we just hang it on the doorknob. So please email me or call (281)
337-5467. THANK YOU, your
efforts save us thousands of dollars in postage costs!

Second: Many former Democrat voters are on this email list. Could you help me with the Party Newspaper? I need you to email me at
chairman@galvestoncountygop.com with a very short note (25-100 words) about why you are now voting or at least leaning Republican (especially in local races). Your published comments will help tens of thousands of your neighbors come out of the past. However, if you would like to privately comment it will still help us create our own appeals to voters.

Third: The Republican Party is looking for businesses - restaurant owners, automobile dealers, insurance and real estate agents and medical and legal professionals etc. who would benefit from advertising in the paper. The rates are tremendously affordable and the distribution is the largest of any print publication in Galveston County. So please contact me as soon as you can if you need advertising space (281)337-5467

Finally the old money grab… In midseason few are paying attention to politics and little money is raised. We are going to need your help. $10 or $20 is fine. We really need a few of those $100, $500, $1000 donors too though. Postage and printing are expensive and when important issues come up that we have to work on, it costs us a lot of money to reach thousands of citizens at once. That’s not to mention the costs of the phone bill and storage throughout the year.
Please send a check to the Republican Party of Galveston County at:
PO Box 135
League City, Texas 77574

In closing, allways keep an eye on www.galvestoncountygop.com to see what’s going on. As a matter of fact please follow this link:
http://search.yahoo.com/search?p=galveston+county&ei=UTF-8&fr=FP-tab-web-t&fl=0&x=wrt. Then click on our Republican link at the bottom of the page. It really helps us climb in the search engine rankings. (A good thing!)

With Great Appreciation,
Chris Stevens
Republican Chairman of Galveston County

Monday, July 25, 2005

Tax Freeze Accomplished Thanks To You

I hope everyone is enjoying these occasional blog posts. If so you might drop me an email now and then to let me know. chairman@galvestoncountygop.com
Anyway, we have some challenges ahead of us but we are getting a few things done.

“Thank You” to all those who helped get the tax freeze for seniors passed in Galveston County. This was important and it was good to actually see the Democrat Party joining us Republicans looking for this tax cut. (I guess better late than never.) I really don't know why Judge Yarbrough decided to put his finger in the eye of seniors and be the one 1 no in the 4-1 vote on this tax freeze but he was.

As Republican Chairman, I’m working on elected officials on both sides, to get the tax burden lowered. Your help and support causes leaders to take notice. When you call an elected official it often means more than when I do. So, I will be writing again asking for more help soon. This time to get Austin woke up and out of their dysfunctional gridlock. If your not on my email list then drop me a line at
chairman@galvestoncountygop.com and I will put you on my list.

Together, step-by-step, we will work to bring sanity back to Government in Galveston County, Texas and America.


Friday, June 24, 2005

Some Success - A Lot of Work To do

Well the regular session of the legislature is well behind us now and we are now in the throws of the special session.

I don’t know what to say except that, to be blunt, I am pretty disappointed in the overall outcome. There were some important accomplishments but we really missed out on the basics.

We need smaller budgets if want lower taxes. The legislature needs to understand that taking $50 from a taxpayer in two different ways is just as painful to the economy as taking $100 one way.

We need REAL and meaningful OVERALL tax relief. We need a tax freeze! No increases in the revenue as derived from taxes and fees.

Most of the hindrance to real tax cuts and the conservative agenda has come from a sick sort of marriage between a few very liberal Republicans and the Democrats (who seem to just about ALL be liberal). This coalition is going to need to be broken by us. We have to keep our own house if we want the general public to trust us.

Check back frequently and I’ll try to get this up to a daily posting!!!
If you are ready to get busy and help me and the other Republican volunteers change things email me @ chairman@galvestoncountygop.com.